How CURO can help you reach your goals


Why do you need a financial plan?

Implementing a financial plan can help you achieve
the financial goals that are most important to you.
But before you have a plan that you can work
toward, you need to clearly see your entire financial
Combining and then understanding how all the
pieces of your financial life work together can be
confusing and challenging—like putting together a
puzzle. At CURO, we collaborate with you to build
your puzzle. Once we've developed that clear
picture of your financial life, we can recommend
steps for you to take so you can confidently move
forward in reaching your goals.

How we build your financial picture
The work we do is complex, but our process is simple.
We start with a meeting to understand you—your
background, work, family, responsibilities. This helps
us to frame up your puzzle.
Then we identify the theme of the puzzle—your
goals and values, what's most important to you.
For example, providing for family, having financial
comfort/security, saving for college, reducing stress
and frustration, having more time to do the things
you want to do by spending less time on finances.
Together, we identify the core pieces of your
puzzle—cash flow, taxes, investments, retirement
accounts, insurance protection, and estate planning.
We organize and analyze the puzzle pieces and plug
them into our calculation tool, which is cash-flow
based and tax-sensitive.


We see a clear picture of your
financial puzzle, but it might be
missing some pieces

For example, you may be trying to figure out:

How can I pay off my debt?

 How will I afford to pay for college?

 Is my mortgage the most efficient for me?

Will I be able to pay it off or have a reasonable

mortgage payment when I'm retired?

 Am I maximizing my tax deductions and contributions

to my tax-advantage accounts?

 Are my investments allocated properly to achieve

the best results?

       What's my strategy for drawing money out of my retirement

accounts when I'm retired so I don't run out of money?

 Do I have the insurance I need to protect myself and my

family against financial risk?

Filling in the missing pieces of your
financial picture

This is where the significant work really starts. We
collaborate with you in developing a strategy toward
achieving your goals. We make recommendations to
close the gaps.
So we've clarified your picture, and we've improved
it—for the time being. But your financial picture isn't
static; it's a snapshot in time. Your life will change. And
as it does, together we'll look at the newest picture,
and we'll make adjustments to help you realize your
financial life goals.